Dvdfab Features

Two New Amazing Features Boarding the DVDFab

DVD types and forms 3. Is it legal to copy DVDs? Free DVD decrypters vs. Paid ones 7. How to choose a powerful DVD copy tool?
dvdfab features

Dvdfab Features

Everything You Need to Know about DVD Copy

DVDFab 11 Review: Here we introduce DVDFab 11 that comes with new flat design and many added features. Now in we introduce to you DVDFab 11 with all new flat design and added features. It also comes with a day trial period. The copy function can copy your physical discs to and ISO or a folder which can be saved as a backup on a desktop hard drive. The copy function has 9 copy modes which are as follows. Full Disc: Main Movie: Only copy the main movie and skip the rest.

Make a copy or clone the disc to an ISO in a 1: Split DVD only: Copy any content from the disc you want. Merge multiple discs to create a single disc, ISO or folder. To DVD: Copy and convert a Blu-ray to a DVD format. To Blu-ray: Copy and convert a DVD to Blu-ray format. UHD to Blu-ray: Copy and convert a UHD disc to standard Blu-ray format p. The Ripper Function If you want to copy and convert your DVD and Blu-ray disc to other common video formats then you can use the ripper function.

These portable video formats are playable by multiple multimedia devices like TVs, PC, smartphones, and tablets.

So it is a good idea to rip your physical DVDs and save them in another video formats. And secondly, it offers device specific conversion in which you can select pre-configured video profiles and rip your physical discs to a format playable by individual devices like iPhone, iPad, XBOX ONE, PS4, and flagship smartphones of manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Google etc. It also has a device-specific conversion feature. Just like the ripper function, the converter function has a video editing option and you can manually change video settings like resolution, bit-rate, frame rate etc.

You can also select audio stream and subtitles just like the ripper function. The creator function also lets you use and customize disc menus. The video editor is capable of applying multiple trims in the video a feature that most video editors fail to employ.

It can also rotate the video, you can apply image or text watermarks and can crop the video to any size. DVDFab 11 video editor is still under development, so complete tools will be available soon. This encryption prevents anyone from copying the disc contents. But if you legally own an encrypted disc then you can remove the encryption for your personal convenience.

After decryption, you can copy disc contents from the ISO. This is a nice free tool but provides only two copy modes. All these requirements have a dedicated tool. So check the utilities below. Free Utilities 1.

The BDinfo tool is used to create a quick or full report on the technical specification of a loaded Blu-ray disc, ISO, or a folder. Full report requires a manual scan and generates a text file which holds the technical specifications of the loaded Blu-ray media. Most of the time the Blu-ray ISO will show a black screen.

To fix this and to remove any existing encryption you can use BDFix to address this problem in just under one minute. Free YouTube Video Downloader: YouTube has become the most popular and default video platform for all kinds of multimedia devices. But not all the time you want to watch those videos on your smartphone. If you want to watch them on a larger screen then you can play YouTube videos on your smart TV.

It is a standalone YouTube browser which provides download links to videos in multiple resolutions. The downloaded videos can then be fed to the DVDFab video converter if you want to convert or edit those downloaded YouTube videos. If you want to convert videos from your smartphone then this wireless file transfer will let you add videos from your phone to the main DVDFab 11 program.

And you can also transfer some audio and video files from your PC to phone using this same feature. This wireless file transfer actually elimiates the use of a data cable. Non-Free Utilities 1. This tool finds its usefulness in the fact that it doesn’t require your iPhone to be jailbroken.

It employs a plug and play approach and doesn’t have any confusing options. Don’t forget the built-in video editor, the recorded iOS screen video can immediately be edited with tools like crop, cut, trim etc. After the DRM removal the videos can be played on multiple devices without restrictions. It can batch download multiple YouTube videos as MP3 songs. And the most useful feature is that it can download entire YouTube playlist as MP3 files.

In any playlist you are allowed to select or unselect multiple songs before download. Just input the YouTube video link and leave the rest to the tool.

Whether you want to create a copy of your disc or want to rip it, convert videos, or create custom DVDs or Blu-rays then you can do all these things with one software. Just download and install DVDFab 11 and start your day trial.

Support all the popular smartphones, tablets, and etc. Robust editing features like cropping, trimming, and etc.

1. DVDFab 11 Review: The Copy Function

solutions for over 16 years. As the 11th generation product succeeding DVDFab 10, the all-new DVDFab 11 features All-New Flat Design which. Using this light freeware, you can check general info of your drive, features of your reader and writer, the media info, file and sector info, and system info of your . DVDFab All-In-One is an all-inclusive solution package which can deal with all DVD/Blu-ray/video issues.

Methods to Convert/Rip Blu-rays to MP4 Videos

DVDFab 11 Review: Here we introduce DVDFab 11 that comes with new flat design and many added features. Now in we introduce to you DVDFab 11 with all new flat design and added features.

Part 2: Rip and Convert Blu-ray to MP4 Freely with Handbrake

This Time Video Compression Comes with Superior Quality Traditional concept believes that when shrinking a video file, regardless of how much you want to shrink, the final video comes up with a certain rate of quality loss. In other words, compression always means quality loss. Well, back to the time when top-notch technology was rare, this was understandable due to its inevitable nature.

WATCH VIDEO: Methods to Convert/Rip Blu-rays to MP4 Videos

The former features a GB storage capacity which is the reason we call it DVD- 5, and the latter is capable of storing between GB from. DVDFab Software offers world’s best DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD copying, ripping, converting, authoring and playback softwares, as well as video conversion and. DVDFab All-In-One is an all-inclusive solution package which can deal with all DVD/Blu-ray/video issues.

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Dvdfab Features

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