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But the US, EU, and UK servers were all pretty consistent, which is a good indicator of overall performance across their other servers. Unfortunately, that Asia one tanked and dragged them down a bit. They reach remote destinations like Greenland, cover Africa and the Middle East really well, plus a few in smaller Pacific Islands, too.
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But the US, EU, and UK servers were all pretty consistent, which is a good indicator of overall performance across their other servers. Unfortunately, that Asia one tanked and dragged them down a bit.

They reach remote destinations like Greenland, cover Africa and the Middle East really well, plus a few in smaller Pacific Islands, too. Generally speaking, the more available servers, the better.

Many VPN companies lie about their servers , in fact. But overall, total size is a pretty good indicator for expected performance. It means your chances of finding a less-crowded server are better. As well as one closer to your physical location which tend to be faster than ones further away. It does not support TOR, however. The last time I reviewed HMA! This has changed now, and as at February you can use your HMA! They also offer a business VPN plan for larger numbers of devices.

Fortunately, HMA! FlashRouters, in particular, have HMA pre-installed on them, so all you have to do is sign in. That means you can hook up a router, and then connect as many devices imaginable — including smart TVs and gaming consoles. Most people should just stick with OpenVPN by default, anyway.

And as a general rule, stay away from PPTP if you can help it. You can get connected instantly. Or, switch up your location and adjust settings. The app also has a built-in kill switch which helps with security.

No complexity or technical skills required. The little green icon on your app looks good to go. We ran HMA! WebRTC leak test: Unfortunately, they did slightly let us down in the VirusTotal. No issues or glaring holes there. Speed is pretty good. Tons of servers. Available for most devices. Read on to find out. But who, exactly, protects you from the VPN themselves? For starters, we take the installation files from every single VPN provider and run them through VirusTotal.

Case in point: This could be a false positive. Their logging policy confirms that they hang onto the following data: Because that still gives them a direct link between online activities and your location and potentially your identity.

They also collect the following: Sound harmless? It does on the surface. However, when you take a few historical events into consideration, you can see where the warning spots start popping up. For a very long time.

Especially when you take into account their jurisdiction. First off, the UK is among the most aggressive when it comes to spying on their own citizens. But as a card-carrying member of the Five Eyes security alliance, it means they also have the help of other aggressive governments like the U.

You already saw why in the last point. When courts come calling, HMA! They also have a connection to your personal data. Other HMA! And then those courts are turning around and sharing it with government agencies across the world.

Avoiding any illegal activity while using HMA! And the evidence all says that HMA! In this case, the VPN tasked to protect you is also the first one to turn you in. We were only able to get one server in Amsterdam to successfully stream content. The others we tried, including New York U. However, the facts that we saw through actual tests debunk these claims. They might not block your torrent client, but users have reported either extra-slow data transfer or outright blocking of torrent servers.

Many support requests on Twitter are simply referred to the standard channels: Pls contact us back on LiveChat as this cannot be resolved via Twitter.

Thanks https: Sorry to hear that. Please DM us your username and registered email so we can help. We manually test each customer support department, too. So we fired off a short support question to HideMyAss! It took about a day to simply get a confirmation email. And since then? I just asked about routers and protocols. Not good. You get the same exact features with each one. The only difference is a slight price break for longer pre-payments. But they also provide a day money-back guarantee, too.

But the lengthy test drive period should be worth a few extra bucks. Speed and server numbers were respectable. Plus, they might have the best name of the lot. But in the end, the privacy concerns are just too overwhelming. But combine their past logging activities, infamous court cases, and aggressive jurisdiction are just too much to overlook. Plus, this affects other activities you might be looking for, like Netflix or Torrenting.

Leave your own HideMyAss VPN review To keep up the quality content on our website, we only accept user reviews that provide valuable information for our visitors. Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review – either positive or negative.

Thank you for your support! By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the Terms of Use. They wrote back with a totally stupid, irrelevant copy-paste answer giving irrelevant guidelines what I need to do Grossly incompetent. Asked for a refund outside the 30 day period and it was declined. Not recommended. HMA is not only one who has access to your usage records so how do you prove them wrong?

The service is spotty, sometimes it works ok, but most of the time it does not. The company is located in the Czech Republic so all your ads are not going to be in English 4. You will have to change your location every time you use YouTube 5. Your google maps will default to Europe Czech Republic 6.

Some website will see your location as the Czech Republic even if you select another location in their server. Any website associated with Google detects their location right away. They claim Google made a mistake and they wanted me to email google to fix it… really? You cannot use it with Prime or Hulu 8.

They told me they could refund me a penny due to usage. I had to file a dispute with my bank to get some of my money back. I kept getting security alerts from my bank when I will log on through their VPN because my bank thought someone in the Czech Republic was trying to hack my account One month they billed my card twice.

Do NOT buy their service and their billing department is awful.

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HMA! Pro VPN for Mac is a leading internet encryption service based on virtual private network technology. Whilst VPN’s are predominantly. I never use to have issues with torrenting through HMA (for months) and I have the same issue – has worked for years, and now with VPN no. My torrent client reports incoming ports blocked with VPN but is OK without VPN. I have tried this with various servers with my iMac with the.

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Within an era when electronic pirates are powerful enough to struggle governments even if indeed they face later effects , all attention to safeguard themselves is insufficient. Security and privateness are both vital requirements for those VPN services, and users are therefore looking for the service that provides the best because of this. HideMyAss unpacks a special function which allows you to arbitrarily change the Ip. Additionally, it is possible to put it to use altogether on two devices. Level of privacy and security are aspects that VPN users want using their company service provider.

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There are two types of the 32 and 64 bits model, which means that we donвt need to worry about this specific compatibility. Windows upgrading system canвt detect this software, which makes it function properly. Best Windows 10 Activator.

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The Best VPNs for Torrent Downloads & Anonymous Filesharing Period. In other words, if you see a site promoting: Hidemyass, ExpressVPN, Buffered as a VPN for p2p/torrents, run the other way. . Hidemyass Pro VPN. I hate to pick on . HMA! Pro VPN is a leading internet encryption service based on virtual private network technology. HMA protects you from hackers and spies – and lets you watch your favorite TV shows and films from anywhere. Download our VPN for Windows, Android, iOS.

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