How To Add Massive To Fl Studio

11 Tricks For Sound Design in MASSIVE –

Well if you make a sound, you can take it, treat it as the new basis, and apply the synthesis and FX process all over again. The stuff he makes is unbelievable. Other features include:
how to add massive to fl studio

How To Add Massive To Fl Studio

11 Tricks For Sound Design in MASSIVE

Well if you make a sound, you can take it, treat it as the new basis, and apply the synthesis and FX process all over again. The stuff he makes is unbelievable. Other features include: That means you can have two sounds going at the same time.

Click the arrow on the right to show the spectrogram. Harmor is only in the All Plugins Bundle Slicex Being the bigger brother of the less-featured Fruity Slicer, Slicex is quite a capable sample slicing instrument.

In a sentence: With a variety of modulation options to alter the volume, filter, speed, velocity and way more, you can chop loops both intuitively and creatively. Like most looping instruments, it chops them automatically and assigns them across the keyboard. Of course, you can change the chops by adjusting the markers down the bottom, while naming them for the sake of definition. If you want a comprehensive guide to Slicex, check out this tutorial from Internet Money.

One unique feature that helps EQ 2 to stand out is the intuitive frequency visualiser — brighter lines indicate louder frequencies. Great for both mixing and mastering. But what does it do? Give this a look. Fruity Delay 3 You may be surprised to hear that this plugin is a more recent addition to the FL Studio library. Or not, because it has the number 3 next to it. Maybe because the interface causes people to freak out and shut FL Studio down.

So what is it? Instead of relying on the aforementioned maths to calculate a precise space, it uses a pre-existing sound called an Impulse Response IR and superimposes that over the input signal, taking your bedroom saws to the Taj Mahal and back.

Because breaking tools is the funnest, right? I mean, I thought it was alright, but nothing fantastic. But after getting more into production and increasing my knowledge, you can see how practical and creative it can be. Sidechaining, pitch shifting, stuttering, volume fading, turntable emulation, you name it. Yet this is all achieved by drawing an envelope for both the pitch and volume over a defined period of time e.

Gross Beat only comes with the Signature Bundle and up. Combining phasers, reverbs, distortions and pretty much every effect type into one plugin, it allows intuitive modulation of parameters on an X-Y pad, with a customisable mod rate.

Think of it like a discount Turnado, Effectrix or Glitch 2. Vocodex Yoy-bass lovers and vowel-sound fanatics — this is your plugin. Vocodex is an advanced Vocoder plugin.

Except Vocodex is like that on steroids. You can change vowel sounds, make it sound like multiple people, and way more. Here is a simple guide on Vocodex if you want to dive into it. Maximus Multiband compression and limiting to the next level. Maximus is mostly a mastering plugin that makes things sound super loud. It has 3 bands, for low, mid and high, and then a master processing that comes after all three.

Each band has its own visualizer and set of controls, like gain, attack and release, and the graph on the left, which represents the ratio and threshold. Maximus requires a decent set of prior knowledge before using it, like understanding an EQ, compressor and limiter, so if you want to dive into it, check out another video from Seamless. Honourable Mentions Soundgoodizer — Look, as much of a meme as it may be, it packages some Maximus presets quite nicely into an easy interface.

It can actually, in fact, sound good. Hardcore — Guitar pedals inside a DAW? You got it. Fruity Phaser — basic phaser. Fruity Waveshaper — a basic waveshaper for custom distortion. Fruity Soft Clipper — adds some nice soft distortion in a simple interface.

Third-Party Plugins Beyond the many included plugins, there are an infinite number of free and paid options made by a variety of manufacturers. Think about each plugin before you add it to your studio. Paradoxically, adding a new plugin to your toolbox can be a great way to spark inspiration. Free Plugins Source: Splice So you want your sounds to be super-squashed? Like over-the-top squashed? Then this is the compressor for you.

Includes gain control, 3-band threshold control, time and depth controls. Span is incredible for the price free and has all sorts of functionality, including FFT time customisation, pitch and frequency analysis and multiple spectrums from different audio sources. Super cool. Not just because there is a financial incentive for the company in selling something of value, but also because there is also a financial investment on your part, giving you the kick up your producer ass you probably need to make music.

Serum is the brainchild of Steve Duda, a producer and software engineer who runs Xfer Records. Imagine you could tell your oven to make any food you wanted ever. You can import any sound and turn it into a wavetable, by splitting the sound into series of audio cycles that get repeated and scanned through. Kind of like making a stop motion film and putting all the pictures together at the end, but in reverse. You can either buy or rent to own Serum, which is a pretty sick deal. So click the link above to grab it.

We also recommend it for EDM Foundations. Ozone is a suite plugin, meaning it rolls a lot of the features from a group of standard plugins into one simple interface. It comes in a few different versions, but at the heart of it, the result is the same — quality mastered audio.

Ozone has some crazy futuristic features that I should mention, like Tonal Balance Control which is basically automatic EQ , Spectral Shaping removes frequencies surgically per band and Track Referencing per section.

Makes some tedious mastering tasks too easy. To sum it up, Ozone includes the following modules they are standalone too in the Advanced version: Spectral Shaper.

FL Studio Plugins

We’ll include links to other resources for the FL Studio plugins below, if that’s If you’ve heard of Massive or Sylenth1, Harmless is the closest native synth to. Add it properly. FL Studio uses two different types of plug-ins. Effects such as reverb or compression, and virtual. I installed Massive 64 bit and directed it to the VST folder in FL Studio, it seems to open just fine when I drag it from the Plugin database into the channel rack; but.

FL Studio Plugins: How To Easily Use and Find Them

Trick 1: This can cause the bass to be muffled, the song mix to become muddy, and even cause phase issues. This will give the bass or any other sound a good, clean, wet sound as well as better stereo. This is usually the starting point of how I apply the Dimension Expander to basses, but remember to always experiment because different techniques work for different sounds. Trick 2:

Want Some Crazy 808s Samples & Presets?

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Open up Massive (in stand alone mode or through your DAW) Click on File you want to add and click it In the option panel of Massive click Rebuild DB. How To Create Reverse Vocal Rises With Logic Pro X, FL Studio. It will also show you how to ad those plugins within the FL Studio environment. Create Can I add the Massive plugin to FL Studio 12?. Go to Options -> General, there you need to disable “Auto select linked modules” option.

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How To Add Massive To Fl Studio

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