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As mentioned above, Action! It also has powerful editing and audio options, and uses a convenient separate channel for microphones. The benchmarking support is one area where this software really stands out, as that is not a feature that is widely available elsewhere.
mirillis action review

Review: Mirillis Action v2.7.3 (PC) ~ A Let’s Player Tool.

Mirillis official website So, you want one tool that can easily record your screen, your gameplay, screenshots, record only sound, stream to Twitch AND record your stream and much more? In the past, I used various tools for that, but ever since I got contacted by the developers of Mirillis Action, I uninstalled most of those tools.

Was this a good idea? Is the software good enough to replace them or does the software have holes? Mirillis gave me a review code. Specs and such Before we continue, I should say that I tested this program on two different machines.

Both on my laptop I use for classes and my gaming desktop. The specs of my gaming desktop are an iK CPU 3. During the time I tested the software, the software updated twice. From v2. While the software update crashed on my laptop when updating from v2.

Probably a hiccup with files that were in use by Windows Update or something. Thankfully, a simple uninstall and reinstall fixed everything. The positive aspects. I can hear some content creator say already, why do we need this tool?

What does it have over OBS Studio, which is free? I think a big plus is how clean the interface is when you compare it to OBS. I had to use a guide to get started. In addition to having a better-looking UI, a big advantage in Action is that you have a better indication if you are recording or not. The counter is visibly more present than in OBS Studio.

This tool is much more than a streaming and recording tool alone. You can take screenshots and benchmark as well. These are two quite handy features to have. The more I worked with the program, the more I was amazed by how handy this tool is for content creators. Some neat features are, you can easily cap the framerate the video, you can set a length of time to record, there is a built-in video converter for the recorded videos.

Something that might make video creators quite happy is the feature that you can record your microphone audio on a separate track. So, when something happens in-game that is quite loud, you can easily edit that out without having your commentary be too silent. If you need any help with the program, the help button is not too far away.

When you use it, the program will display a very to the point help screen. If you still need more help, you have a button that will redirect you to the website with even more information to help you. There is also support for greenscreen webcam recording.

Keep in mind, these remarks are made about v2. When you open Action, it displays by default a box called the HUD of what you will record and how many frames per second it takes. The default location for this is rather annoying. While clicking the box does nothing, I keep thinking it will open the program. So, I try to navigate my mouse around it.

I think it would be better if it showed by default in the middle of your screen at the right-hand side. Then, I realize that you can quickly hide it with F6. So, this is a true nitpick. So, I had to make a test video every time I tried out some new settings. A nice feature to have is to easily move the output folders at once to another location.

In the current version, you must move it feature by feature. If an option is added where you specify a folder to output and Action creates the 4 folders it needs for the output; that would be awesome.

I would move that option from the options menu to the streaming and video recording tab. A huge incoming update Something I wanted to quickly touch upon is that there is going to be a big update in the feature. Action 3. The new features will include things like a live preview of the video composition and an improved HUD. You can read more about it and give your own suggestions on this Facebook post. If you already own Action v2, you will be able to freely upgrade to the v3. When you enable Action RCU in the options menu and install the app on your smartphone, you will be able to control parts of the program with your smartphone.

Before I forget to mention it, this is a free app! Yep, free. In the app, you will be able to start and stop recording or streaming. But not only that, you will see the program that Is recording, how much free space is on the drive you are recording too, how many FPS you have and how long you are recording. This is an amazing additional feature.

I would love to see more promotion of this feature. If the app gets updated with these few remarks, I think that the app would be even better. I think it would a good idea that you must enter a preset password before the connection is made. This password can be set in the program itself in the options menu. This would avoid annoying roommates stopping your recording without you knowing it. After a bit a troubleshooting, I found out that some firewalls are blocking the app. I use Avast Internet Security now on my gaming desktop.

There is a solution for this. You can whitelist the program in Avast and the problems will stop. Third, I think it would be amazing if a button is added in the app to mute the microphone. Four, this might possibly in the pipeline; but create an iOS and Windows Phone version of this feature. Since the smartphone market is more than Android alone. The developers told me that they will first develop a MAC version of the program before they port the app to iOS.

This is planned to start production next year. There will be a version for MAC of the actual program possibly next year. Still, I would love to see a version for Windows Phones. Five, if a limited record time is set, I think it would be lovely to have a countdown timer of some sorts too. Six, add a screenshot button! Seriously, one that will be something useful to make thumbnails without having to search around in the video afterward.

And last, why not display the key s you need to press to pause the recording also in the app? Apart from the first two remarks, the other remarks are just additions to improve the app and make it more powerful and even more useful than it already is.

Conclusion Would I recommend this program? Without any doubt in my mind, I would. This program is already a great tool but with some additional features based on the remarks I raised in this article, I think this program can compete with major names like OBS Studio or DXTory. Besides, the program has more features than DXTory and is cheaper. The program is already worth the asking price, but it can only grow and improve.

In my opinion, this is one of the best recording tools out there right now. There are a lot more than this program can do, so if this program sounds interesting to you; go and check it out. Time to wrap up this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope to be able to welcome you in another article but until then, have a great rest of your day and take care!

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With Action! you can record and LIVE stream your gameplay, display Reviews. “Action gives you everything you need to record and stream. Filter reviews by the users’ company size, role or industry to find out how Action! But Mirillis action! is the only screen capturing and recording application, that. With reviews, features, pros & cons of Action Recorder. Find your best Mirillis Action Gameplay Recorder Review – YouTube. Reviews Hey.

Mirillis Action! – Games and desktop recorder [Review and Giveaway]

Mirillis Action! A real-time recording software that enables you to record web player videos, video games and gameplay, display game frame rates, add live audio commentary to create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots, and more all in HD video quality. Main Screen On the main screen shown above, you have several options for the final output of your recording.

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Mirillis official website So, you want one tool that can easily record your screen, your gameplay, screenshots, record only sound, stream to Twitch AND record your stream and much more? In the past, I used various tools for that, but ever since I got contacted by the developers of Mirillis Action, I uninstalled most of those tools. Was this a good idea?

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I’m intending of switching from purely just doing console games into doing more PC based games and Mirillis Action is the one I’m slightly. In the past, I used various tools for that, but ever since I got contacted by the developers of Mirillis Action, I uninstalled most of. In two previous articles How to Record Your Video Game Action Part 1 and Part 2 , I reviewed numerous game recording programs, including.

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