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How to Easily Find Out Your Motherboard’s Model in Windows

Motherboard models, however, are far easier to forget. Of course, finding out what model your motherboard is can be as simple as opening your case up, as motherboards have their model name printed somewhere on them. Why Is the Model Important? This makes getting your model number easy without having to download any additional tools to do so. This will give you information about your computer which is useful when you want to know the minute details of the system.

This includes the motherboard brand and model number, which will come in handy here. Viewing System Information is very easy. In this window type msinfo32 and press Enter. The System Information window will appear. Using the Command Line The command line can come in use here as well. There are a few different ways to get the motherboard name and model from the command line which makes this a nice way to get the information you want. A terminal should appear.

In this terminal there are a few commands you can try. Alternatively, you can get focused information about your motherboard by typing wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer for a much more focused search result, if not trickier to remember for future use! Third-Party Tools If you want an easy way to get the motherboard information, third-party tools can help. Even better, given how these tools are often recommended for system diagnostics, you may already have them installed! You may have even bought your PC with no knowledge of the motherboard model whatsoever!

With a few simple tricks, however, you can easily find out this information without so much as touching your computer case. Do you always forget what motherboard model you have?

Or do you have it memorized? Let us know below. Is this article useful? The Complete Hardware Buying Guide shows you what to look out when buying the hardware.

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Here’s how to check your motherboard model number from the number on the board itself, use tools within Windows to check things out. A list of the best free system information tools available today. information it gathers on hardware, like that of a motherboard, storage, and monitor information . CPU-Z ist ein Freeware Diagnose-Tool für Deine CPU. Erkennt alle Intel, Athlon Prozessoren. Zeigt auch Mainboard und RAM Angaben. Hier die neueste.

What Motherboard Do I Have? Find Out Motherboard Info With This Simple Guide

Looking to update drivers or the BIOS are the most common ones, but you may also want to check compatibility with other hardware, discover specifications, or are just looking for an identical replacement. And with OEM PCs and laptops, it’s not always as straightforward as checking the box of your motherboard’s box. Native Method Probably the quickest and easiest way to discover your motherboard model is by using Windows’ own System Information utility. Windows 10 users can access this menu by going to Start and typing “System Information” and selecting the application. Third-party Software Not only are third-party system profile apps usually free, but they offer a wealth of in-depth system information all in one place.

Why Is the Model Important?

Apart from Windows 10 or Windows 8, this is the correct guide to display and record all your system and files information of motherboard of your computer. In this windows that will appear, you will be able to find all the relevant information about your system you are seeking.

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A list of the best free system information tools available today. information it gathers on hardware, like that of a motherboard, storage, and monitor information . Accessories > System Tools, then the System Information utility. Within System Information you’ll find your motherboard make and model in. Native Method Find Out Motherboard Model (No 3rd Party tools required). System Information – 16_22_ The first way to find out.

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